Love is a Song

Love is a Song

There’s nothing more beautiful than the blend of mathematics, emotions, melodies, harmonies, and instruments (vocal and otherwise) that is the gift of song. I do not share in that gift. Both of my parents studied music in college, sing and play instruments. I did not inherit this gift, but I appreciate its imperceptible ability to sway the human spirit.

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5 Steps to Your Next Big Idea

Fresh Fridays are all about sharing new fresh ideas. Whether it’s a movie, book, game, or some other cultural artifact, I’ll share something I love on Fridays!

Where do ideas come from? Is it hours of research, pure talent, a bolt of lightning, magical fairies, or a Sasquatch sprinkling pencil shavings on the shag carpet of your hippocampus?

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Appreciate the Ride

Throwback Thursdays are that time of the week where I look back at something – either from long ago or last week – to gain perspective. 2006-2019 I have worked at CityChurch for nearly 13 years. I have shot and edited video, designed graphics, drawn pictures, led teams, balanced budgets, written copy, and a handful of other things that I never imagined doing when I … Continue reading Appreciate the Ride

Case of the Mondays

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr’s Best Speech

I love the “I have a Dream” speech. It’s a top 10 all-time speech. Hall of fame speech. But my favorite MLK speech was his last speech. It is the speech of a man who seemingly knows he’s about to die. It is incredible. Maybe you are having a case of the Mondays. I hope you aren’t. But maybe you are having one of those days. … Continue reading Remembering Martin Luther King Jr’s Best Speech