Life is Always Buffering

Life is Always Buffering


Rob Re-Writes the Star Wars Prequels – Episode II

When last we left our intrepid re-write of the Star Wars prequels in Episode I, Anakin was older, Obi-Wan was his friend, Amidala wasn’t robbing the cradle, and the Clone Wars were about to start.

Episode I centered around Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme, which change Episode I from a weak ensemble piece (the OG) to a team piece centered around those three protagonists.

So now, I’m going to try and fix Episode II, which I regard as probably the worst Prequel in terms of “cringy”¬†moments.


So here we go again! (la la la la, not listening. Not listening to you…………) Continue reading →

Rob Re-writes the Star Wars Prequels

I know.

I know. The internet hates the prequels. Everyone has listed its sins – from poor acting, directing, writing, characters, an overabundance of CGI – and most, if not all, have wondered what would make the prequels worthy of being connected to the Star Wars universe.

I’m going to give a brief outline of how to re-write and fix the Prequels.


See, I can hear you now, screaming far away in the echoing chamber of the internet’s digital hallway. It’s been done before! Everyone has their theory on fixing the prequels! It’s going to be trash!

Probably. But I gotta try. Continue reading →