The Importance of Being Earnest



No. Not that Earnest.


resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.

People seem to be falling into two groups: the easily offended or the jaded and apathetic. We’re either super upset by everything an inch deep, or we could drown in a sea of darkness and not care the whole time. You can’t hate every injustice across the world and intensely care for a brief second about each and every thing. You also can’t just go through life, perceiving it as happening to you rather than being proactively involved in it.

The power in living is grasping onto things that you can be inescapably proud to defend, love, and cherish. And I’m not talking about property we love. I’m talking about people, ideas, causes. These aspects to our lives are what we can easily invest into without feeling like we are making hollow deposits.

But we can’t be half-in. Whether it’s people, ideas, or causes, we have to be earnest. Sincere and intense conviction is what lasts. Fleeting offense and detached cynicism don’t last. They are just immature emotions centered around an inability to deal with life’s problems. We can’t spend our lives attacking everything we don’t like. We also can’t spend our entire lives ignoring the problems we see in our world.

So, it’s time to be earnest. It’s time to look foolish for something we believe in. Maybe just one thing we believe in. But we can’t cop out. We have to let ourselves feel it deeply. We have to care.


2 Replies to “The Importance of Being Earnest”

  1. Easier said than done. Because it is easier to be lukewarm. Heck, it’s easier to pretend you’re indifferent. I don’t know. It’s a battle worth fighting though.

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