4 Helpful Tools Writers Should Get Now!

Sometimes a writer needs tools to get the job done. If anything, tools can make the hard work of writing a novel, essay, or piece of content that much easier. I’ve thought about some of the tools I use, and I’ve come up with 4 helpful tools that writers can get now that will help them in the long run.

Also, if you have tools that are useful to you, share below in the comments! I’m always on the lookout for a new trick to make writing that much smoother.

Google Keep

[Get it Here]

Research, research, research. Google Keep is a great place to store all the extras that you come across on the internet, but don’t have time to sift through at the moment. I like to vacuum up as many great sources as I can, label them for their purposes in Google Keep, then go back to them at my leisure.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.01.02 PM

Best part? Keep is free. Yes. Gratis. So it’s great for any writer (or really anyone) on a budget needing something that can keep notes and links together.

The best part is that there are phone versions of the app, and browser extensions to pull links super quick!

Go check it out.


[Get it Here]

Spell checking is not only annoying, but it can be difficult while interacting on the web. Not with Grammarly. Grammarly is a great intuitive way to keep track of your errors. They’ll even send you monthly reports on how you’re doing.

screen-onlineThey have some other robust features behind a pay wall, but their free version is useful enough for my purposes. You can upload documents and they will check it for errors, and, with the paid version, they’ll find even more little issues writers tend to come across.

Check out Grammarly!

Desk-Side Dictionary or Thesaurus

The Dictionary/Thesaurus is your weapon. It’s the tool of the trade. Keeping one at your desk is just plain smart, intelligent, and brainy.

I find the Roget’s Thesaurus of Words for Students and Roget’s International Thesaurus to be exceedingly useful when I need a word in a pinch.


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Emotion/Urban/Rural/Positive Trait/Negative Trait Thesaurus

[Get them Here]

There are several resources over at Writers Helping Writers, including several books that will give you the tools needed to create dense, engaging content. By far the best books I’ve seen from them are their series of Thesaurus books meant to give writers the tools they need to describe almost anything from emotions to rural settings. Follow the link to see for yourself!


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