What’s your ONE thing?

“What’s your thing?”

I asked my boss this out of the blue recently. His face turned from its normal jovial demeanor to a look of confusion then pensive introspection as I clarified.

“I don’t mean at work. I mean in general. What is your thing?”

He thought for awhile and he said, “To breathe life into people.”

I agreed that was a good thing to be driven toward, but I wanted something more concrete. We continued talking it through, and, for the sake of privacy, I won’t divulge any of that information. But it was a fantastic, illuminating conversation for me personally, and I hope it was the same for my boss.

The Social Problem

If you look at anyone’s twitter bio, it’s usually filled with a smattering of different ‘hats’. We all wear them. We put on the fuzzy fedora of Father. Then we drop the Social Media

Marketer hat on top of that. Or maybe we have a rapid fire bio, where we list six or seven things in a row. I’ve collected some to share (with the names and faces removed). And just so you can see I’m not ‘above it’, I’ll show you mine as well. I’ve picked all others at random, based on whatever Twitter decided it wanted to show me.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.31.31 PM


We are obsessed with HOW MUCH we do, the roles we play in our daily lives. Or we list our many accolades and accomplishments. We are not, any one of us, above the deluge of social media self-marketing. But we’re also missing the point of it all. Yes, it’s probably good to talk about the things that make up our lives or the things we’ve done or are doing to make an impact on this world. But have we really honed in on what we COULD do?

It tumblr_myallcA9fT1s3ulybo2_250seems that in our rush to be ever more impressive or search-worthy, we’ve stretched ourselves out across so much. Like Bilbo Baggins, haggard and aging, we feel like butter scraped over too much bread.

We’re fatigued by the breadth of our pursuit of significance.


Now I’m not saying to stop being a father or mother. Those are a part of who you are. But maybe you can’t be a writer/gymnast/scientist/astronaut/comedian/tv personality/social media guru/dragon king. So I’ll ask again…

What is your ONE thing?


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