How do we find the time to write?

Life is full of expectations, due dates, and responsibilities. I’m a father, husband, full time worker at a nonprofit organization, and a video and design freelancer. And I write. Sometimes. When I can push the words through my brain like meat through a grinder.

And for many of us, that is what life is: a constant tug-of-war between different giphy-30conflicting responsibilities. But we want to write. We so desperately want to finish our articles, novels, and essays. How do we find the time?

It would be hypocritical of me to show you my 5 easy steps to better time management. I’m not an expert. In fact, I’m the chief violator of my writing time’s sanctity. In point of fact, I have no set writing time. I haven’t published yet, so my writing feels more like a hobbyist endeavor. So it is difficult to justify long bouts of solitude to crank out an untested manuscript.

Some of you know this. You understand the desire that drives us to moonlight as a writer whilst practicing some other profession. Whether we enjoy that other profession is far from me to distinguish, but it is part of the journey and the only way to keep food on the table.

You could have caught this blog headline and thought I could save you from your time management problems. That I would jump down in a red cape and save you from the burning building of mediocrity.

No such luck.

This is where we’re at. Superman isn’t coming to the rescue. We’ll have to pick ourselves up and figure out how to get the writing done. But not necessarily on our own. Comment below if you are seeking encouragement today. I’ll respond back. I promise.

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