You Never Know Who’s Watching

When I started posting my artwork online at Behance, I didn’t get much response over it. A few friends looked it over, some had some nice comments for me, and it garnered a few appreciations from the community. But for the most part, nobody encouraged me to keep going. People aren’t generally wired for that. Most of us go about our daily lives looking for ways to encourage ourselves and enrich our lives. This isn’t selfishness. It just is how we keep ourselves going in life. If you were to only focus on others, you’d neglect yourself.

Anyway, I didn’t think much of it. I was sad people didn’t pay attention to my work, but I also understood why. I wasn’t the next Picasso or Davinci. I was just some guy who was drawing some pictures. I was learning as I went and my wife, Damaris, was helping figure out how to use all of these new graphic design tools I didn’t touch for 20+ years of my life. That growth just continued, and I kept working at being the best I could be. I’m still not a master (maybe not even an intermediate professional) but I enjoy exercising that creativity.

But because I left my work up there, because I just kept adding things. I got a call (or rather an e-mail), and today my artwork can be seen throughout my city. So, if you aren’t feeling encouraged with your art (whether that be writing, drawing, design, speaking, etc) just keep going and find enjoyment in what you do. You never know who’s out there watching.

Also, if you are in San Antonio, you should see if Google Fiber is in your neighborhood because they’re awesome. (Link)

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