YOLO vs Legacy

Are we living for now or are we living for something else beyond us? I saw a tweet today (I didn’t screenshot, so forgive me) that bemoaned people who aren’t living today thinking they’ll live another life.

I feel like this person doesn’t understand legacy. My life is no longer just mine. I’ve gotten married. I have a daughter. That means someday, I might be a grandfather as well. When you see yourself as a chain in a long genealogy, you behave differently. I can put off the now for the promises of tomorrow. I can’t mortgage my daughter’s future to make my life fun and adventurous now.

In a strange way, I will live another life (beyond what you believe spiritually). What I pass down to my daughter gives my life new meaning and longevity. It means that what I do today has a profound impact on another generation, and, if I squander that, I will have been some temporary anomaly in history rather than adding to it.

So what will it be: are you playing for legacy or for yourself?

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