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Today was an ice-in. That means I live in Texas. If mother nature sneezes, we close up shop.


courtesy of THE INTERNET.

So, because of this, I was watching my daughter when she would normally be in daycare. While my wife was getting breakfast ready (it may have been lunch; time does seem to bleed together with children around), I was playing with my daughter. She has a bunch of these adorable little people. It’s the toddlers’ answer to lego brick people, I think.


Anyway, we are playing with these little people and my daughter picks up the fire truck, also of this same variety, and she pulls the fireman out of his driver’s seat. I think nothing of it. Then she picks up her princess, something like Cinderella I think, and she puts her in the driver’s seat. I think, how interesting.

Then she picks up another little person, this one with hair that matches hers. Maybe she identified with it, or that could be just my wishful thinking. She took out the princess and put the little girl version of herself in the driver’s seat of the fire truck. And it made me think. I hope it makes your little girls think too.



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