You Deserve This

“You deserve this,” the voice says.

At first, it is a faint whisper. Its tone is seductively innocent. It merely wants what’s best for you (and only you). After all, you deserve what you want, and why can’t you have it? You work hard. You pull your own weight. You’ve┬ádone without enough times. You deserve this!

So you partake. For a moment, it is glorious. It’s everything you wanted… for a moment. Then comes pain. Hollow, spiteful pain. And the more you take that thing you deserve, the more and more it captures you. The more you are bound to its allure. And the more it ceases to be about anything else, but the thing.

You are nothing. You are in pain. You are garbage. And the voice returns again, this time more sinister as it sees you trapped in its snare of pain and hollow existence. It speaks.

“You Deserve This.”

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