Stretched, it’s a thing

I am currently in the middle of a transition process of taking on another employee’s responsibilities (as she moves to a whole new department) and it is full of competencies that I’m not comfortable with yet.

This is code: I’m going out of my damn mind.

I have a new employee who is way more capable than my bandwidth is willing to let her be. I am currently the mother of all bottlenecks for her and I’m just trying to float above the mass of requests people have been putting in as if the former (high performer) department head was still here.

I’m trying to bridge two different departments, collaborate across the organization, assist multiple campuses, and do it all with a smile.


This is to be expected.

The pain of being stretched

These painful transitional phases hurt for a bit. They just do. People learn to adjust, make a role their own, and things find their equilibrium. And the new balance sees the person stretched with new skills, capacity, and a deeper understanding of the organization they work for.

So here’s a quick roadmap from someone who’s still in the woods.

  1. Keep your head up
  2. Don’t let the chaos consume you
  3. Create clear boundaries
  4. Understand their expectations
  5. Find weak points and develop creative solutions

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