Hello and Good Day

Hello and Good Day

This is a manifesto. Or, rather, it would be if I were the type of person to make manifestos. It’s not. No, it’s a damn confession. I’m skinning off my cynicism like dead skin with a stone. That’s the best way to describe it. I see a generation of people who think they are above it all, or that it’s all underneath them. I’m not sure. I spent time out of reach. I tried to be above the issues by being out of the equation. Optimism isn’t ignoring the problems of the world. It’s choosing to see them for what they are and moving through them onto something new.

Solutions aren’t based around who gets the blame. That’s the garbage that gets a 23-percent approval rating. Truth isn’t popular, but ignoring it is even more unpopular. But, it’s a hell of a lot more convenient.

I have the benefit of little consequence in speaking my mind. I’ve said the truth before with little repercussion, so I’ve gotten a taste for it.

So here it goes: we need love. No, not Ross and Rachel. Not that Superman and Lois Lane bullshit. That’s not the kind of love we need. That love has poisoned a generation brought up to believe that love is some kind of fairy dust sprinkled over their cereal in the morning. Love isn’t those butterflies in your guts. That’s anxiety, dumbass. That is uncertainty of love.

Love is a bold concept. So bold, in fact, that I don’t think we invented it. We lack the gumption for the task. It was represented to us in ancient text, where a deity kept loving a people that rarely wanted anything to do with Him. Yet, he chased after them, protected them, corrected them, and, finally, died for them. And they still aren’t quite on the same page. Like I said, we’re not completely great at this love thing, and we didn’t create it.

This book is a voyage for me. We’re going to dive into love together because I’m not good at it either. But I think it may be the only thing that will save us. We’re not going to save ourselves through something we make. It’s going to have to come from this love thing. And it’s going to get uncomfortable. We might have to like people we haven’t before. You might have to smile.

This is the beginning of something. And there will be more to come. Interact with it. Talk with me. Have a conversation if it made you feel things.

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  1. Great article!! This LOVE thing is needed so much these days! Keep speaking your mind and being honest. We need a dose often.

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