Your Outrage Doesn’t Change Anything

This is a continued journey into Hello and Good Day, a new way to discover love and change things. But to change things, we’re going to have to take a good hard look at ourselves first and decide if what’s inside is worth keeping. Thank you for sticking with me and being a great listener and active participant.

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Go ahead and tweet your snarky, clever bullshit. Then go back to your spreadsheets. Drink your coffee. Your outrage is just you trying to reach catharsis.


You are a comment crusader, peppering Facebook and Twitter with your innocuous copypasta of “facts” and angry rhetoric. It doesn’t change anything.


Paul didn’t just send letters to churches. He went among them – visiting, teaching, doing the work of ministry. The danger in relying solely on bible study as a means for spiritual growth, is that inaction and contemplation have become more important than strapping on your sandals and walking to your neighbor’s house to give them food and share GOOD NEWS.


So if you are getting angry over injustice, then go meet it! You may have to step out and draw a line in the sand. We don’t just get to talk a good game; we’ll have to put some skin in too.

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