5 Reasons Your Revision Isn’t Working

I’ve been trying my damndest to revise my first novel, The Department for Mutated Persons, so I’ve been trying to glean any and all information on how to revise the right way. I have a lot of links – a bag full of info really – and it’s hard to sift through it without sharing it with y’all as well. So enjoy this post.

Original article via Writers in the Storm blog.

By Janice Hardy

Revisions are a part of writing, and as much as we wish they’d go smoothly, they don’t always work out like we planned. Some manuscripts fight us and nothing we do makes them any better. When we run into such a troublesome beast, it helps to step back and figure out the problem before we make a mess of our stories.

Here are five reasons why your revision might not be working:

1. You’re Not Done Writing the Novel

It’s not uncommon to reach the end of a first draft and call it, “done.” In many cases, the draft is finished and you’re ready to move onto revisions, but if the story is still rough and there are still things to work out, it might not actually be “done.” Trying to revise when you still have plot holes, or you’re not sure about the character arc, or there’s a subplot that so doesn’t work after you changed that scene in Chapter Fifteen, often results in a revision that feels like it’s not making the novel better.

What should you do to fix it? Keep drafting until the story is the way you want it and you’ve filled in all the plot holes. Once you’re happy with how the story generally unfolds, then start revising. Take the solid story and make it better.

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