Critiquing Your Work – part 2

Yesterday, I shared a great resource about how to critique your writing from Writers Helping Writers. Today, I thought I might offer another critique cheat sheet, this time from C.S. Lakin.

Here is the first block of critique questions offered by Ms. Lakin.


  • Does your story begin with some sort of conflict—either internal or external?
  • Does the beginning set up the bigger “conflict” of the entire novel, the issue that drives your protagonist toward his/her end goal?
  • Is your protagonist conflicted or is embroiled in some external conflict?
  • Are there too many conflicts going on in the book? Too few?
  • Is there an overarching conflict present in the story that is key to the premise and grows to a climax and resolution?
  • Does your protagonist face one conflict or obstacle after another (each worse than the previous) that force him/her to have to make a tough decision(s)?
  • Does the conflict serve the interest of the story or is it just thrown in the book for excitement?


To read more critique questions, visit C.S. Lakin’s website HERE.

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