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If you are like me – and you hop around the internet – you may have a collection of random free goodies collecting dust in your bookmarks. I thought instead of letting them rot, I’d share with you all a few I’ve discovered over the past months.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these brands, pages, or companies. I don’t make any money from the links I’m giving you. Just thought I’d share.


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Print Friendly will turn any web page into a print friendly version. It saves ink, paper, and your sanity. And you can get a nifty browser extension for it.

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Join.Me is a free team video conferencing, screen sharing website. If you need to meet up with people and share screens, this is a cool tool. (that rhymed and I hate myself now)

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M2Social’s Free Music Sources List

If you are a social content creator, finding good music for free to use in content worry-free can be a very stressful situation.

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Google Trends

I find trends fascinating. It’s interesting to see what has been searched, and perhaps wonder why it was searched. What’s great about Google Trends is that you can see trending searches, and you can see by country! So maybe you live in the United States but you wonder what people in Australia are thinking about recently. Well, just go ahead and look. There’s a plethora of information to take in here. Check it out!


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Makerbook is touted as the best free resource for creatives, and I’m inclined to agree. Graphics, Video, Audio, Textures, Tools, and Fonts: Makerbook has all of this in one great resource list. It has links to several websites with free (or cheap) resources to make your projects come alive, and all in one simple bookmark.

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I hope you liked this list of freebies. If you didn’t… well, it was free.


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