The Shame of Anxiety

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There is a certain shame in anxiety, especially if you are a Christian. If God is all-powerful and Jesus is always with us, why are we entrapped in fear and anxiety and depression or any other internal mental problem we might have? We must not believe in Jesus that strongly, right? If we did, we wouldn’t have anxiety; we wouldn’t worry about things like we do. We certainly wouldn’t have panic attacks because God’s in control.

Robert shared a drawing with you 10
God is in control, so why do I feel like a melting ice cube??? (Dramatic Re-enactment above)

And so you not only have anxiety, but now you have more anxiety from feeling like a fake Christian, or at least a faithless one. Now imagine, you are going through this alone, and you dare not share this thought with others lest you draw the ire of other would-be amateur counselors who tell you to just trust Jesus, or people that say nothing which draws paranoia about their judgment of you.

Yes, my brain knows that I should just trust in God’s power to affect change in my life, but guess what: my anxiety says **** that. My anxiety tells me that the only thing I can trust is nothing, not even my own mind, feelings or body signals. It’s at once ultra rational and irrational and paranoid in its tactics.

So what do we do? Talk to people about your anxiety, even though that voice tells you not to. Pick people you trust, or people that other people trust. Be more casual about anxiety. It hates not being your dominant problem. If you treat it like it’s nothing, it can at times move to the background. Talk with professionals. Get help. You may need medication (like I do). Talk with counselors.

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