12 thoughts on “Rob Gets Real

  1. I can relate! I’ve been blogging for years and while I am so thankful for the following I have gotten, it hurts sometimes to see other bloggers accrue thousands of followers in less than a year lol. However, I believe in what I have to say and share, so I keep at it. I will say that on WordPress, interacting with other bloggers has helped up my likes and comments immensely, which makes me feel like people care 🙂

  2. Ouch, so true! Constantly chasing the ‘likes’, the validation from an outside source *hand up* guilty!, but for what? at the end of the day, you are still uncertain of where you stand. Might as well carve a path and hope someone will find it one day and appreciate the beauty and hard work that went into your journey.

    That’s my mindset moving forward. Thanks for sharing… and I do see your path 🙂

  3. You also nicely capture the classic blogger’s trap: the quest for likes, shares, retweets, and all the other social media forms of validation. I agree with the earlier commenter who recommends just forging your own path. You have worthwhile things to say and the talent to present it well. Keep on rockin’.

    1. Thank you, Jon. Been getting a lot of awesome feedback and it’s really helped me think through why I do what I do. And shows me I’m not alone in this either. 🙂

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