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On the Road to Publishing My First Novel

I’m going to be honest here. I’m working towards getting my novel ready for self publishing, and want people to feel that they’re helping make this thing a reality.

So I set up an email listing so people can get cool stuff while also helping make this book happen! Sign up for the email list here!!! (and make sure to check the Department for Mutated Persons box)

(If you want to read the first draft of my novel, The Department for Mutated Persons, head over here)

If you want to get updates just to send me an email

email sign up

In these emails you’ll get all this cool stuff from time to time (I promise not to spam you).

Stuff you’ll get in these emails:

– Character and Concept Artwork
– A Sneak Peek at the sequel “HUNTED BETWEEN WORLDS”
– Fully Revised chapter updates from the novel
– Exclusive art files (book cover files) and Social Media images
– Offers to help with critique notes (which gives you a FREE eBook once it gets published.)
– and much more cool offerings in the future!

It is my desire to finish this novel by the end of 2018 and be published in 2019. It’s almost there, and you can help!

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