It’s Anxiety, Bro.

I was talking with my friend Chamberlain recently, and it centered around our struggles with Anxiety. And he was talking about how things 1, 2, and 3 were causing him anxiety. And something immediately came to mind. These things – whether they be relational, emotional, career-based tensions and stresses – aren’t what causes anxiety. They are the ammunition that anxiety uses to feed us lies.

Anxiety sits in our brains, building false narratives to create stress. It’s the uncertain paranoias that it feeds us to bolster its position. Our body relies on our brains to process information; to discern between genuine fears and opportunities for our very survival. Anxiety turns every stressor into fear, every situation into fight or flight moment. This tension between a body constantly in distress because it thinks all situations are a danger and beginning to realize that our mind doesn’t have control over the situation is why our anxiety drives us into this crippling situation. It’s why we have panic attacks. Because our bodies are hyperventilating under the weight of all these false flags.


8 thoughts on “It’s Anxiety, Bro.

  1. I admire you two for being open about a topic that is sometimes considered shameful to talk about. Many people suffer from full-blown anxiety and suffer quietly. Thank you for sharing personal experiences.

  2. So I had a thought… what if we were told It’s ok to be nervous/scared/uncertain/etc because this is part of life. Like we wouldn’t know sad if we were only happy and vise versa. Yet we push to have this “happy” life, but good comes from sadness too. The more experiences we have the more knowledge we have. So if you never tasted salt water then you never really know how it tastes. I wish the education system taught us more about how the human mind works. I try to help my kids feel at ease about decisions (usually about a classmate’s feelings). I tell them we’re imperfect people so we’ll never get 100% when everyone’s personalities are so different. So they ask me how do we know if we’re making a bad decision…I say, ” If things go good afterwards then you made a good decision, but you won’t know until you make the choice.”

  3. I really enjoy your use of Anxiety as a proper noun, because really, sometimes it feels so distant when you’re dealing with it. And the line about bodies hyperventilating under the weight of all the false flags is a great metaphor.

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