Moving from “Better Than” to “Great”

Let’s drop the comparison game, folks.

Their ‘best’ does not dictate your value

We are all amazing in our own ways. Comparing our value to others does not increase anyone’s value, it diminishes our ability to do good things. It wastes energy.

Comparing has been a trap for me. I acknowledge that. And comparing myself to others diminishes the value I have for the great things that I do. In comparing, I shine a spotlight on what others can do, leaving my own work in the shadows.

It is difficult to accept that the world is not a stage where one act gets shown at a time. It may seem that attention is a zero sum game where one person gains attention while other lose it, but this just isn’t the case. We are a community of artists, creators, and performers. We should share in our triumphs and struggles, so that we can lift each other up.

I am free, and I’m surrounded by Wonders

The people around me are not me, and that is perfect. They are also amazing people with a myriad of gifts and skills that I may or may not share in, but, regardless, are unique to them.

It’s amazing to celebrate my friend Arlene’s artistic ability, to celebrate my wife Damaris’ ability to design and brand, to celebrate my buddy Marco’s filmmaking prowess, to celebrate my friend Chamberlain’s ability to build community. I share their abilities in myself, in part, but they do them so well in their own ways. And my inability to do these things how they do them does not diminish my own talent. But it does allow me to enjoy and love their ability all the more because it is similar, but completely unique to them and that novelty is refreshing.


4 thoughts on “Moving from “Better Than” to “Great”

  1. What about My buddy Robs ability to put such feeling and thoughts into his writings in a way that most of us can’t express in words.

  2. Rob, I just love your perspective on these issues. Most people don’t want to share their faults and their issues with people they know, much less put them out for many to see.
    What you’re doing is helping many people who are quietly suffering. You’re letting people know that what they are experiencing is normal. It’s ok to feel stress. It’s ok to feel anxious. It’s ok to not be perfect in everything. And we should never compare ourselves, and our abilities, to others.
    Thank you for what you’re doing. And thanks to everyone who is lending a helping hand to this amazing man.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Eladio! I’m tired that we are suffering in silence. We were meant to share with each other in community. That was the promise of the early church. I’m glad to be sharing my struggles with everyone! 🙂

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