Thankful Day 01

My friend, Juliette, challenged me to a month of thankfulness, and so I thought that I would write about that here. So now that Inktober is over, let the #thirtydaysofthanksgiving begin!

I am thankful for God. Thankful that He exists, that I can know Him, and that He knows me.

Classical_Kepler_orbit_120frames_e0.6Over time, I have come to realize that – like the earth orbits the sun – I am orbiting God. And like an orbit, there are seasons where I am far from Him and times where I am close to Him. Realizing this has made it so much easier to appreciate the close times I have with God; and I also understand that in those times where I feel far from Him, it is a temporary thing.

Not only is this distance temporary, but I am still in God’s orbit. I am still affected by God’s power and presence, just as we are still affected on earth by the orbit around the sun. Eventually, as I stay in this orbit, I will return to closeness.

What is different is that my orbit can change; the periods of closeness and distance can change based on my own behavior and thinking. Being thankful is a clear way that I can return to or stay close to God. Thankfulness is a clear demonstration of love; a love for others, God, and ourselves. Gratitude is the way we choose joy; to tighten our orbit around God and – because of who He is – love.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Day 01

  1. What a great way to explain a relationship with God. I will always remember it. I am also thankful for God/Love, my family and our Church!!

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