The New iPad and the Future of Computers

I feel like this video really sums up what the new iPad represents for the future of personal computers.

iPad Pro – Media and Art Machine

I have been using an iPad Pro for a while. A lot of my Inktober work was done on an iPad Pro. It’s a slick device for artists, and now – with the addition of Premiere Rush – could become a competent video editing tool if you make videos that rely on speed and immediacy (like most online content). And with video becoming more ubiquitous as a content stream on the internet, everyone being able to edit video in a simple, mobile way from a competent software developer is going to be huge.

Here are some art pieces I made on iPad.

A New iPad – a Deepening of the Paradigm Shift

The new 2018 iPad will be able to connect via usb-c to an external monitor and its pencil magnetizes to the tablet and charges wirelessly (which confronts one of the major gripes people had with the Apple Pencil design previously). All of this is in an effort to become your main computing device that travels on the go – like a laptop – but has wider, deeper implications for art and media. And of course you can get the keyboard attachment, use google documents to do work (or iCloud docs if you wanted to, but why would you?), and did I mention that Adobe will be releasing a FULL version of Photoshop next year for iOS?

As someone who works in design fields – graphics, illustration, video, writing – these updates are amazing and could get me off a MacBook and just working with an iPad (which is what I think Apple is hoping for). In some ways, the iPad is not a new Paradigm; it is a reminder of what Apple’s goal is: a truly personal computer. We’ll see how this continues to change the industry.


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