Thankful Day 05

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November…

Given that tomorrow is a pretty significant election here in the United States, I have been thinking about how thankful I am that I live in a country where I can exercise my right to vote. To be able to make a small contribution to the direction our country is going is a great privilege that I didn’t always appreciate.

If you are someone who didn’t want to vote because most of the options weren’t good, I encourage you to vote anyway. Even if you don’t believe your vote will count, vote anyway. Because if you don’t vote, your vote definitely won’t count.

Vote for people who represent what you believe. If at all possible, vote for people who will make things better for the most people. And if you are very brave, vote for the people who will make things better for the most people but may not make things better for you personally.

Curious about how / where to vote?

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