Oodles of Books, December Playlist

I have taken some time to read three books recently that have helped shed light on my current struggles. That’s not generally something I do. Usually I use books a means to learn something or entertain myself. But these three books have really been helpful for me.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Dr. David Stoop (link)

I first discovered this book through our Lead Pastor at CityChurch, Dr. Brent Saathoff. We were talking through a series at our church about renewing our minds, and I felt – after a season of battling anxiety – this book would be helpful to me.

Dr. Stoop’s book takes a look at our brains and how they affect how we live our lives. It is a short read (clocking in around 210 pages), but is packed with a lot of helpful biological, practical, and spiritual insights. I would say it is more specifically aimed at men (especially later chapters) but the book in general is helpful for all.

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How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge – Clay Scroggins (link)

This book was gifted to me (again via our Lead Pastor), and at first the title disheartened me. As someone who has worked at our church for a long time (12 years so far), I felt that I was a leader, but I have also struggled with feeling like I was owed a leadership position with authority. Whether or not those feelings are founded, Scroggins’ book really opened my eyes to how a leader should act in all situations, those in which they have authority and those where they do not. It challenged me. It pointed out the dark thoughts and insecure behavior I have been exhibiting for some time. It is aimed at a spiritual audience, but there are many insights that can still be helpful for you in any work situation and will help you come to grips with your position in an organization and how best for you to leverage your abilities to make a difference in any circumstance.

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Declutter Your Mind – S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport (link)

This is a tactical book for dealing with stress and anxiety, two things that have been huge burdens in my life in this season (potentially for a lot longer portion of my life than I cared to admit before). It offers very practical tools to help deal with the overload our lives face in these modern times, and it allows us to clean out the junk that our existence becomes hobbled with when it comes to our obligations, relationships, physical spaces, and our very minds. It is worth picking up and at an astounding 137 pages (not including some appendices) is the most bang for your page count I’ve seen as of yet.

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