A 2019 List

This is my 2019. Hold onto your butts.

I’m going to write out my 2019 as if I’ve already done all this crazy stuff. Join with me and think about your 2019.

Rob started 2019 by not giving a crap, and taking as many open 3’s as he could get. He said yes to projects and made bad ass art. He decided he was going to read like 40 books because that’s what you do when you are magnificent.


The first week of February, Rob met with Chamberlain and Arlene and they started an anxiety support group at church and like 200 people showed up. It was pretty amazing, and a lot of people got the emotional support they needed.


On March 2nd, Rob got together with a bunch of friends to celebrate Texas Independence Day by wearing the Texas Forever shirts he designed. They had a great time and it was so much fun.


Rob published his first book, The Department for Mutated Persons, in June. It didn’t sell really well, but his friends loved and supported it so he kept working on the next installment. It wasn’t about making money, but sharing the story that really motivated him.


In December, Rob finished writing his sequel to The Department for Mutated Persons, called Hunted Between Worlds. He decided he would get it published again in June, but look around to see if a publisher wanted it first.

In 2019

Rob spoke less and listened more. He cherished time with family. He was on his phone less. He gave more. He ate healthier (but still enjoyed tacos). He walked closer with God. He walked farther away from his fears. He accepted what he couldn’t changed, but made every effort to be the man God wanted him to be. And he set up others for a beautiful year.

These are my hopes and dreams for 2019. I hope by writing them down I can hold myself accountable to making it one of the best years yet. Make your own list!

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