New Year, January 2019 – Let’s GO.

Real Ones Do Real Things

I love Shea Serrano. The guy has such a way with words, and he uses them for a mission. As much as I love Shea’s writing, his tweets are just as gold. He doesn’t have a HUGE following – around 262K followers – but they are some of the most loyal, supportive folks I’ve seen on twitter. And he encourages them to action to help others which is amazing. But I mention him here because I love his quote – “Real ones do real things.” It makes me think about how we are real because of what we do. It is what makes us real. So in this new year, I want to do real things. Join me!

It’s a New Year

It’s 2019, y’all. It’s another year, and that can seem pretty daunting. I wrote a whole hype list, trying to psych myself up for the marathon that is life. My daughter is in the kitchen right now shouting, “I so excited!” like a toddler is compelled to do on the daily. We get so excited for the new year that we make resolutions about what we’re going to do all year, then we get stuck. We get stuck trying to accomplish all the madness our manic self shouted about on January 1. I wrote a little bit about this before, how we end up getting stuck in a very messed-up middle after starting with a lot of energy.

So to offset this very real predicament, I decided to divide up my year into bitesized chunks. You may call them months. In fact, everybody calls them months. We learned this in kindergarten probably.

These smaller slices of the year can help keep us from getting overloaded. Lose 45 pounds this year? Pssh.

But lose 4 pounds in January? That could work. Then lose another 4 in February? Sure. And so and so on, until you’ve lost 48 pounds by December 31. Yeah, that’s math right there.

Take a Month

So take a month, and make it work for you. How you say? Make a game of it! Here’s a document you can download and print out to keep your month in perspective!

Some sample art from The Survivor

I’m going to write at least 2 posts per week. That is a January goal. I’m also going to work on at least 2 chapters of my book per week. Also, I’m going to finish artwork for my friend Andrew’s boardgame, The Survivor.

Those are a few things I’ll be concentrating on in the new year, but it’s best to add as you go too. New Years bring new opportunities, so you may be introduced to some new options very soon. Be flexible and add them into your queue!

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