Appreciate the Ride

Throwback Thursdays are that time of the week where I look back at something – either from long ago or last week – to gain perspective.


I have worked at CityChurch for nearly 13 years. I have shot and edited video, designed graphics, drawn pictures, led teams, balanced budgets, written copy, and a handful of other things that I never imagined doing when I left Illinois and everything I thought I knew back in 2006.

My work at CityChurch has been surrounded by amazing people, an amazing mission, and amazing opportunities. I met my wife at work. We have a beautiful daughter now. Everything I have now, I owe to my time at CityChurch.

There have also been hard times along the way. Sometimes there was heartbreak, other times tensions and headaches. But it was all part of the journey.

This is my last day at my job of 12+ years, and I now wonder what the next 12 years will look like. Work is such a defining part of our lives, regardless of whether we love it or not. I was blessed with work that I’ve loved, and a new job that I will love too.

My advice: for better or worse, appreciate the ride. Because it doesn’t last forever, but it stays with you long after it’s over.

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