5 Steps to Your Next Big Idea

Fresh Fridays are all about sharing new fresh ideas. Whether it’s a movie, book, game, or some other cultural artifact, I’ll share something I love on Fridays!

Where do ideas come from? Is it hours of research, pure talent, a bolt of lightning, magical fairies, or a Sasquatch sprinkling pencil shavings on the shag carpet of your hippocampus?


I think a lot of people don’t fully appreciate their own creative power, and they don’t fully understand it as an action that they are doing all the time.

Creativity is so nebulous because its process hasn’t been organized or taught in school. I have found an incredibly book that can help us be purposeful in our creation process, rather than waiting for the lightning bolt.

A Technique for Producing Ideas is a great, short read that will open you up to start this creative journey. It has a five step process for idea creation that has been incredibly helpful for me.

The Idea Production Process

The Five Step Process

  1. Gather Raw Material

    Gather as many sources, material as possible.

  2. Analyze Material

    Put your raw material somewhere organized, and observe the details of it.

  3. Put the Problem Out of Your Mind

    Push the problem you are facing out of your mind.

  4. Out of Nowhere, the Idea will appear

    In this time – where you have moved on to something else – the idea will appear. This is partly why people see creative ideation as a bolt of lightning. It appears this way when we don’t realize we’ve done the other three steps.

  5. Take the Idea out into the World

    You will have to test your new ideas. Sometimes that opens them up to critique. But this is a part of the creative process. Whether it’s making a film, writing a book, presenting a new process, you will face feedback with the real world. It’s how ideas get better!

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