Love is a Song

Love is a Song

There’s nothing more beautiful than the blend of mathematics, emotions, melodies, harmonies, and instruments (vocal and otherwise) that is the gift of song. I do not share in that gift. Both of my parents studied music in college, sing and play instruments. I did not inherit this gift, but I appreciate its imperceptible ability to sway the human spirit.

God = Love = Song

Whether it’s David’s Psalms, the laments of poetic Solomon, or the Israelites’ songs of praise and Hallelujah, song is a strong component of the God story. A love for God is represented in a love for music, a prayer/praise language of sorts. This is, in some respects, represented today in modern worship music.

Literary Creation and the Love of Song

I love how that translates into fiction as well. I am an amateur Tolkien nerd, and I love the Silmarillion, with its creation myth, histories, and tales of love and loss. But it’s strongest gravitational pull for me is in its story of Middle Earth’s creation, and – at its core – the choice of song to manifest a creators’ love for its creation.

Eru – a literary God-like being by Tolkien’s design – begins the creation of the world with a song among his angelic beings.

In the beginning Eru, the One, who in the Elvish tongue is named Ilúvatar, made the Ainur of his thought; and they made a great Music before him. In this Music the World was begun; for Ilúvatar made visible the song of the Ainur, and they beheld it as a light in the darkness. And many among them became enamoured of its beauty, and of its history which they saw beginning and unfolding as in a vision. Therefore Ilúvatar gave to their vision Being, and set it amid the Void, and the Secret Fire was sent to burn at the heart of the World; and it was called Eä.

Tolkien, J. R. R.. The Silmarillion (p. 15). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Hobbiton is full of Songs

It’s very interesting to me that Tolkien would use music as part of his mythological creation story. It ties much of his books’ poetry and song to the very beginning of time. In all of creation, music is tied to the created as a link to the creator.

Tolkien’s creator birthed a created world out of love, displaying it as light in a darkness. And the music was an integral beauty in that creation.

Spiritual Lessons and Unlikely Sources

I enjoy looking at other aspects of culture for spiritual lessons, and this was something I had been thinking about for a few weeks. I hope that it gives others an openness to ponder the power of song as a spiritual concept.

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