Deep Dives – Patrick (h) Willems

I have a tendency to find a new YouTube channel and feverishly ingest all of its content. Recently, that happened with Patrick (H) Willems channel. He is a filmmaker and film critic. He makes short films, video essays, and blurs the lines between the two. What I love about one of his videos – “We Need To Talk About Film Criticism” – is that he … Continue reading Deep Dives – Patrick (h) Willems

Lord of the Rings and Our Problem with Suffering

On this segment of pop culture preacher, I’ll be talking about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So spoilers if you haven’t seen that, but – really? – it came out in the early 2000s? Go watch it. Also, spoilers for the Bible. Same response if you are concerned with spoilers for that too (+/- a couple millenia).

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