Oodles of Books, January Playlist

I have a few lessons that I have learned over the years when reading books. One lesson: don’t waste your time on a bad book. Second lesson: if you can tell you aren’t going to get anything out of a book, get out as fast as you can. I say this because I started reading one such book as part of my list from last month that I immediately put down about twenty pages in, and I didn’t look back.

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New Year, January 2019 – Let’s GO.

Real Ones Do Real Things

I love Shea Serrano. The guy has such a way with words, and he uses them for a mission. As much as I love Shea’s writing, his tweets are just as gold. He doesn’t have a HUGE following – around 262K followers – but they are some of the most loyal, supportive folks I’ve seen on twitter. And he encourages them to action to help others which is amazing. But I mention him here because I love his quote – “Real ones do real things.” It makes me think about how we are real because of what we do. It is what makes us real. So in this new year, I want to do real things. Join me!

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Life Measured in Projects

I like to measure my life in projects. There was that time I worked on a zombie board game with my friend Andrew. There was the season of time where we were developing a Neo-noir tv serial based on a pulp fiction character we made up named Jack Sterling. I probably should’ve measured this time in terms most people would understand, like my sophomore and junior year of college.

I didn’t use those terms because I hated school at the time. I now realize I didn’t hate school; I just hated that school. But that’s not really what this post is about.

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