Critiquing Your Work – part 2

Yesterday, I shared a great resource about how to critique your writing from Writers Helping Writers. Today, I thought I might offer another critique cheat sheet, this time from C.S. Lakin. Here is the first block of critique questions offered by Ms. Lakin. Conflict Does your story begin with some sort of conflict—either internal or external? Does the beginning set up the bigger “conflict” of … Continue reading Critiquing Your Work – part 2

Critiquing Your Work

One part of the revision process is critiquing your work. Whether it’s constant throughout the process or at various phases during your writing, critique is crucial to making a quality finished work. But what questions should we ask? How do we critique our book in a holistic, systematic way that makes for a great product and keeps us sane? Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi from … Continue reading Critiquing Your Work


If there is a muse, then there must surely be demonic forces that act as staunch forces against creativity. Whereas the muse comes with serendipitous gifts of ideation, the demons are there to muddy the water and steal. These waters are where confidence goes to be run through the mud. Who are you to think you can share the naked truth and people would pay you … Continue reading Blocked

The Consumer and the Creator

The consumer’s natural inclination is to criticize, whereas the creator is drawn to compassion. The answer lies within satisfaction. — Rob Fike (@robfike) August 30, 2016   when you cannot create something for yourself you rely on others to satisfy your needs. When it doesn’t happen how you see it, you get angry — Rob Fike (@robfike) August 30, 2016   but a creator make … Continue reading The Consumer and the Creator