Myth building and Superstitions

Superstitions. Myths. Urban Legends. Life is full of them. How did they come to be? Check out this Ted-Ed video from Stuart Vyse about where superstitions come from. As fiction writers how do we use these ideas to build credible superstitions, myths, etc into our narratives, especially since it is so ingrained in our cultures and would thus probably be a part of whatever fictional … Continue reading Myth building and Superstitions

We don’t have to stay this way

We can continue squabbling. We can sit atop the high horse. We can pretend we are the moral authority. We can point the finger at someone else for our world’s problems. Or we can reach across the aisle. We can humble ourselves. And we can create something new. Humankind is counting on us to admit that we’re broken and imperfect people. And we may be … Continue reading We don’t have to stay this way