Creative Appreciation (and Inspiration)

  I am a motion graphics designer in training (as much of my job titles would say: “in training”), and so I like to see what types of work are out there. People in this industry are fantastic, incredibly talented individuals, and I wanted to showcase some of their work here. If you have more inspirational pieces, comment below! Rasmus Nielsen Haymaker Damné Jesús Pérez … Continue reading Creative Appreciation (and Inspiration)

Affinity Designer for iPad – a Full Illustrator app

I’m still digging into this app, but it’s out in the wild now: Affinity Designer. Vector drawing app. Now, I would talk in detail about this cool app that helps you make vectors in much the same way that Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer does on the desktop. But this video from Brad Colbow explains the app so much better and if you are an … Continue reading Affinity Designer for iPad – a Full Illustrator app

You Never Know Who’s Watching

When I started posting my artwork online at Behance, I didn’t get much response over it. A few friends looked it over, some had some nice comments for me, and it garnered a few appreciations from the community. But for the most part, nobody encouraged me to keep going. People aren’t generally wired for that. Most of us go about our daily lives looking for ways to encourage ourselves and enrich our lives. This isn’t selfishness. It just is how we keep ourselves going in life. If you were to only focus on others, you’d neglect yourself.

Continue reading “You Never Know Who’s Watching”