Appreciate the Ride

Throwback Thursdays are that time of the week where I look back at something – either from long ago or last week – to gain perspective. 2006-2019 I have worked at CityChurch for nearly 13 years. I have shot and edited video, designed graphics, drawn pictures, led teams, balanced budgets, written copy, and a handful of other things that I never imagined doing when I … Continue reading Appreciate the Ride

Thankful Day 03

2 years. Maybe this wasn’t what God had planned for us. Several doctor’s appointments, medication prescribed and taken, and no announcement. Damaris and I were feeling discouraged. We were on the verge of giving up. And then we decided over the Christmas season that we were going to let God do what He wanted; His plans were going to proceed without us forcing it. Continue reading “Thankful Day 03”

How to Make a Book for Free with Reedsy

Reedsy offers tools to get your book out in the wild, which is the endgame for most people writing a book, no? Here’s a quick, 5-minute video that will walk you through the various tools that can help you make a book for FREE through their site. Also if you are interested in just learning more about self-publishing, book creation, or writing in general, you … Continue reading How to Make a Book for Free with Reedsy

We don’t have to stay this way

We can continue squabbling. We can sit atop the high horse. We can pretend we are the moral authority. We can point the finger at someone else for our world’s problems. Or we can reach across the aisle. We can humble ourselves. And we can create something new. Humankind is counting on us to admit that we’re broken and imperfect people. And we may be … Continue reading We don’t have to stay this way