Would You Kindly Read This

Would you kindly read this post?

I am reminded of the game Bioshock. Most people know of it because of the big daddy, aBig-Daddy-psd13508 large being in olden diving suit with a huge drill for a hand and a mean temper. It is an evocative image. But those who played the game will remember¬†Would you kindly… Continue reading


What’s your ONE thing?

“What’s your thing?”

I asked my boss this out of the blue recently. His face turned from its normal jovial demeanor to a look of confusion then pensive introspection as I clarified.

“I don’t mean at work. I mean in general. What is your thing?”

He thought for awhile and he said, “To breathe life into people.”

I agreed that was a good thing to be driven toward, but I wanted something more concrete. We continued talking it through, and, for the sake of privacy, I won’t divulge any of that information. But it was a fantastic, illuminating conversation for me personally, and I hope it was the same for my boss. Continue reading