Her life

through my eyes

Until her eyes

can remember.



A leather chair

soft, spongy carpet, curled up like a perm.

One hall, 4 bedrooms.

A kitchen –

where my Paw Paw is

making his peach milkshakes.

Foggy, faux-glass cups.

Ice cream and peach particles

sliding down the throat,


Golf on the TV –

more in tune with the wood furniture

than modern plastic.

An afternoon stretched out

like cloth on an ironing board.

Pressed, warm to the touch.

a pleasant nap.

My Paw Paw in his white undershirt

pleated slacks

whispy, disappearing white hair

and craggy nose.

Eyes as dark as wise.



Would You Kindly Read This

Would you kindly read this post?

I am reminded of the game Bioshock. Most people know of it because of the big daddy, aBig-Daddy-psd13508 large being in olden diving suit with a huge drill for a hand and a mean temper. It is an evocative image. But those who played the game will remember¬†Would you kindly…Read More »