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On the Road to Publishing My First Novel

I’m going to be honest here. I’m working towards getting my novel ready for self publishing, and want people to feel that they’re helping make this thing a reality.

So I set up an email listing so people can get cool stuff while also helping make this book happen! Sign up for the email list here!!! (and make sure to check the Department for Mutated Persons box) Continue reading “Sign Up and Help an Indie Author”

How to Make a Book for Free with Reedsy

Reedsy offers tools to get your book out in the wild, which is the endgame for most people writing a book, no? Here’s a quick, 5-minute video that will walk you through the various tools that can help you make a book for FREE through their site. Also if you are interested in just learning more about self-publishing, book creation, or writing in general, you … Continue reading How to Make a Book for Free with Reedsy

The Hunted – Chapter 2

“What are you doing?” the girl asked with the conviction of a disappointed parent. Alan pulled his hand back from the bubbling air, his arm causing a wave to erupt from the temporal pool in front of him. They had been walking around the fields of the in between for what felt like weeks. Alan finally realized that the pools were points in time. He couldn’t resist trying to help his friends. Continue reading “The Hunted – Chapter 2”

The Department for Mutated Persons – Chapter 1

The stone edifice was impeccably clean, white granite facing out at the black asphalt of an empty city street. The block was government zoned, and that meant police enforcement at every corner. Alan was uneasily standing across the road with a bag slung over his slouching left shoulder. His amber eyes stared up at the light-blotting structure, shadow reaching out toward him. “You lost?” A … Continue reading The Department for Mutated Persons – Chapter 1

Day 08 – NaNoWriMo “Waiting on the Wind”

Current Total Word Count: 1,599. Hey, so writing is a thing. I wanted to write these past few days; I really did. But everything set against me; even myself. It’s very difficult as someone who is prone to procrastinate to be driven forward to finish something without a deadline. As a student, I always had something holding a gun to my head to finish a … Continue reading Day 08 – NaNoWriMo “Waiting on the Wind”

Day 03 – NaNoWriMo Writing the Climax

Current Word Count: 833 It’s not even remotely respectable, but it is progress. I decided to jump ahead in my short story series to a climactic part because I had inspiration for it. I think it’s important to take advantage when inspiration strikes, otherwise the ideas just float away. I know eventually I want my characters to get somewhere, and I know what that somewhere … Continue reading Day 03 – NaNoWriMo Writing the Climax