Thankful Day 03

2 years. Maybe this wasn’t what God had planned for us. Several doctor’s appointments, medication prescribed and taken, and no announcement. Damaris and I were feeling discouraged. We were on the verge of giving up. And then we decided over the Christmas season that we were going to let God do what He wanted; His plans were going to proceed without us forcing it. Continue reading “Thankful Day 03”

The More We Scratch, The More We Itch

  I was trying to get my daughter ready for church this past Sunday morning, and she was being fairly cooperative. That is, until I tried to put her pants on. She and I both suffer from what I like to call sweet skin. Mosquitoes love us for some reason. And she had a large bite on her heel that she was feverishly scratching. It … Continue reading The More We Scratch, The More We Itch