The More We Scratch, The More We Itch

  I was trying to get my daughter ready for church this past Sunday morning, and she was being fairly cooperative. That is, until I tried to put her pants on. She and I both suffer from what I like to call sweet skin. Mosquitoes love us for some reason. And she had a large bite on her heel that she was feverishly scratching. It … Continue reading The More We Scratch, The More We Itch

The Shame of Anxiety

There is a certain shame in anxiety, especially if you are a Christian. If God is all-powerful and Jesus is always with us, why are we entrapped in fear and anxiety and depression or any other internal mental problem we might have? We must not believe in Jesus that strongly, right? If we did, we wouldn’t have anxiety; we wouldn’t worry about things like we … Continue reading The Shame of Anxiety