Day 03 – NaNoWriMo Writing the Climax

Current Word Count: 833 It’s not even remotely respectable, but it is progress. I decided to jump ahead in my short story series to a climactic part because I had inspiration for it. I think it’s important to take advantage when inspiration strikes, otherwise the ideas just float away. I know eventually I want my characters to get somewhere, and I know what that somewhere … Continue reading Day 03 – NaNoWriMo Writing the Climax


If there is a muse, then there must surely be demonic forces that act as staunch forces against creativity. Whereas the muse comes with serendipitous gifts of ideation, the demons are there to muddy the water and steal. These waters are where confidence goes to be run through the mud. Who are you to think you can share the naked truth and people would pay you … Continue reading Blocked