The More We Scratch, The More We Itch

  I was trying to get my daughter ready for church this past Sunday morning, and she was being fairly cooperative. That is, until I tried to put her pants on. She and I both suffer from what I like to call sweet skin. Mosquitoes love us for some reason. And she had a large bite on her heel that she was feverishly scratching. It … Continue reading The More We Scratch, The More We Itch

Depression, Suicide, and Our World

It’s been a strange few days. After I wrote a piece about my anxiety story I was reminded of a man in ministry who took his own life recently. I remembered hearing about it, through little blips on my social media feed, but I had not paid much attention to it myself. Yes, it was sad. Yes, it was close. But it was not close enough. Or maybe it was, and I was too busy to notice and now I had written something so close to that core to be almost comedic.

After that, I took to the internet. In looking for an article about the incident, I stumbled upon what google was showing us: there is a problem, even among Pastors. Continue reading “Depression, Suicide, and Our World”