A little update

Photo Apr 15, 4 02 01 PMDo you remember when I wrote that book. Like… a WHOLE book. There were mutants and a work camp and some bad guys. Wasn’t it great?! What happened with that?

So life has been a little busy. I replaced writing time, with playtime. Instead of making words fit on a page, I’ve tried imparting them to a little human.

Being a dad has become such a life-defining role for me, but I haven’t forgotten about the book. I’ve started revising it slowly over the past couple months. That’s ‘dad’ code for: I’ve revised one of the chapters. But it is a damn good chapter now.

If you’re interested in helping me revise my book, you can email me. I’d love to get an extra pair of eyes on this thing, so it can be released into the wild as a genuine book. If you have any advice on publishing (self or otherwise), I’m always open to twitter conversations as well.



DMP Update (December 29, 2016)

Hey all,

So I’ve been working on the Department for Mutated Persons this holiday week, and I know there hasn’t been an update since Christmas Eve. Maybe you’re chomping at the bit, or maybe you forgot about the Depart for whats-its. Either way, I’ve been working on Chapter 6, but also working on the end of the book. I’ve had a real breakthrough for how I want the first book to end (yes, the first one!). I decided I wanted to break the narrative into two books because of how the story flows, and what I want to do with the second half just didn’t make sense to be in the same book as far as themes and characters were concerned.

So far this story has been unfolding as I write it. I haven’t made much of an outline, which is not something I normally do; but I wanted to get this first draft out in front of your lovely faces instead of procrastinating. That means the story will evolve over time, and you have the ability to change it with me. So if you have any suggestions for the future of the story, you can comment below, tweet me (@robfike), message me, or email me. Any feedback is crucial to making this the best it can be.

This is also a YA fiction work, which means I want as many middle, high school and college people to see it as possible. I want to know how you guys feel about it: what’s missing? what’s great?

Thanks for sticking with me thus far, and I hope I give you the excitement you were wanting out of this read.

My best,