I will finish this sen


I’m hip-deep in the development of a trilogy, which is an undertaking itself. But combine with the fact that I have a problem finishing things and, well, you get it. I want to edit my first book, but am more enticed by the thought of working on the sequel… then the third. But without that first book, the trilogy isn’t anything.

How do we buckle down when everything within us wants the excitement of crafting a new narrative rather than get muddied in the trenches of … *shudder* editing. Maybe I can find a new angle or an interesting subplot to add to the original book to keep my interest vested? Perhaps. Maybe I could dig deeper into my characters, breathing new life into them and, in turn, new life into my desire to finish the process.

Maybe it comes down to the famous 76ers adage: Trust the Process.





Stretched, it’s a thing

I am currently in the middle of a transition process of taking on another employee’s responsibilities (as she moves to a whole new department) and it is full of competencies that I’m not comfortable with yet.

This is code: I’m going out of my damn mind.

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Fortune Cookie Sayings

Writing Prompt for today

Create 10 sayings for Fortune Cookies that you would share with strangers.


Bitterness is swallowing poison, expecting someone else to die.


Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.


Don’t spend the next ten years regretting the last ten years.


Don’t wait on someone else to do the right thing.


Be prepared to feel unprepared.


You will never be fully qualified to do what you are called on to do.


Assume the best. Be flexible enough for the worst.


Love is in infinite supply. Give it freely. Accept it graciously.


A clever solution may be disguised as an illogical absurdity.


Be open to suggestion. Be confident enough to make a decision.